Discover the taste of Kenyan food!

    Depending on the package you booked, you will get meals in the school canteen. 

Be aware that Mpesa Foundation Academy is a school  which serves simple breakfast and traditional lunch and dinner. You will experience a range of traditional  food which is influenced by international kitchen. 

       Lunch and Dinner include a hot meal &fruits afterwards.


Depending on the package you book,

you'll be accommodated in Mpesa Foundation Academy, which is a residential high school for students from all over Kenya. You'll be accommodated in a four bed room.

          If you wish to book a hotel, please find a list of hotels in the area here:


Be aware that you might need a 

visa to be able to enter the country.

You can apply for a visa in advance online


Find out if you're qualified to get an eVisa here

If you come from Nairobi

by Matatu, you go in the direction of Thika

and change in Jomoko to continue to Safaricom. You'll be dropped then immediately in front

of the gate of Mpesa Foundation Academy.

     If you come from Thika, there is

a direct Matatu leaving in front

  of Naivas supermarket.

              You drop off Safaricom as well.  

     To ensure that you make the              most of your stay here:


 - mosquito protection

- sunscreen (even though the sun doesn't seem so strong you can easily get sun burn

- your own waterbottle

- curiosity to discover the             diversity of African

     Choral Music