ATELIER A3: Popular Brazilian Music

Jennifer Tham

Age 12 - 20

23rd to 28th of august

All levels 


           Jennifer Tham

Jennifer lives in the world of possibilities-the countless ways in which a theatre of voices can offer a word, a thought, a sound. She directs the SYC Ensemble Singers, a choir devoted to the work of living composers; and brings the same contemporary sensibility to school and university choirs, and the choirs she has been invited to conduct, in France, Hungary, Japan and Taiwan.

ATELIER A3: Brazil - Africa, a Musical Bridge 

From 18+

23rd to 28th of august

All levels 


Sérgio Sansão_edited.jpg


1. Abalô Abalô; Arr: Fernando Maciel de Moura 

2. Louva-a-Deus; Milton Nascimento, Fernando Brant

    Arr: Sérgio Sansão

3. Berimbau; Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraes

    Arr.: Arlindo Teixeira

    (com ligeira adaptação de Sérgio Sansão)

4. Vapor da Paraíba; Arr.: André Protasio

5. Lamento de lavadeira: Arr: Paulo Malaguti (Pauleira)

6. Semba does Ancestrais;                         MartinhodaVila/RosinhadeValença; Arr:Pedro Sabino

7. Milagres de Povo: Caetano Veloso, Arr: Sergio Sansao

           Sergio Sansão

Acting since 1988 as a singer, arranger and director of some of the most representative choirs and

vocal groups of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Sansão works for the development of the language of coral

music as a vehicle of socio-cultural expression and identity affirmation, seeking to bring it closer to

the popular music and Brazilian festivities. As an educator and researcher, he also works on this

language as a mediator of discourses, approximating differences, facilitating the exercise of

solidarity, alterity, integration and socialization.