ATELIER A2: Connecting Continents - a Musical Journey 

Jennifer Tham

Age 12 - 20

23rd to 28th of august

All levels 




1. Silence my soul; Feliciano (Philippines)

2. Tunggare (To sing); Leek (Australia)

3. Elements - i. Earth ii. Air iii. Fire; Gimon   (Canada)

4. Ima kokoni (Now, I'm here); Matsushita (Japan)

           Jennifer Tham

Jennifer lives in the world of possibilities-the countless ways in which a theatre of voices can offer a word, a thought, a sound. She directs the SYC Ensemble Singers, a choir devoted to the work of living composers; and brings the same contemporary sensibility to school and university choirs, and the choirs she has been invited to conduct, in France, Hungary, Japan and Taiwan.