The Festival

The first Africa Cantat festival edition planned in Nairobi, Kenya, is a one-week festival bringing together choirs and singers from Kenya, from other parts of Africa and from the rest of the world. They gather for a week of learning and sharing through singing, with the chance to experience the ultimate dream of African Safari in Kenya, the cradle of humankind, famous for its wildlife, landforms, cultural diversity, customs and traditions.

The singers attend workshops called „Ateliers“ („Warsha“ in Kiswahili), with 3 hours of rehearsals each day, where they learn music new to them, with a conductor they usually don’t work with. In addition there will be concerts with invited choirs from different parts of Africa, and all participating choirs can present their own repertoire in concerts. This will offer opportunities to showcase the rich choral life from Kenya and to hear the diversity of choral music from the other regions in Africa and other countries worldwide. Once a day singers have the option to join an „Open Singing“ with which they build a common repertoire. Parallel to the programme for singers, the festival offers a programme for conductors as well as a training programme for young managers and there will be a „fringe programme“ offering singing activities in social institutions such as prisons, hospitals, community centres, etc.