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Come together and sing 

Jennifer Tham

Age 12 - 30


Jennifer Tham

Jennifer lives in the world of possibilities - the countless ways in which a theatre of voices can offer a word, a thought, a sound.

She directs the SYC Ensemble Singers, a choir devoted to the work of living composers, and was conferred the Cultural Medallion (Music)- the nation's highest arts accolade - for her role in shaping Singapore's cultural landscape.

1st to 5th of August

All levels 


TUNGGARECome Together and Sing ! 

Tunggare is an Australian aboriginal word for "voice" or "to sing". Welcome to a workshop with songs about singing, about creating soundscapes with our voices.


1. Silence, my soul - Francisco Feliciano (Philippines)

2. Tunggare (To sing) Stephen Leek (Australia)

3. Elements : Earth, Air, Fire - Katerina Gimon   (Canada)

4. Ima kokoni (Now, I'm here) - Ko Matsushita (Japan)

5. JAM! (Jom–Ayuh–Mari!) Tracy Wong (Malaysia)

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