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Faces of Cameroon  

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Jean Alexis Bakond

Jean Alexis Bakond, a young singer with a passion for music, began his training as an autodidact in choirs in Yaoundé. Wishing to deepen his knowledge, he benefited from training in choral conducting in sessions organized by the Friends of the Madrigal Choir of Cameroon, and several master classes. As a young conductor, he has developed a culture of research as well as a taste for exploring various musical heritages. Dynamic, curious, autonomous, constantly in search of innovative musical approaches and very committed to the transmission of music and heritage, his activities are organized around the compositions and arrangements he produces, the direction of the Mboa Youth Choir (National Youth Choir of Cameroon) and the Piccoli Choir (Children's Choir).

1st to 5th of August

All levels 



1. Bebe, odo gono baneda (Andree Balana/Alexis Bakond)
2. Adada (Arr. Alexis Bakond)
3. Berceuse bakoko (Arr. Alexis Bakond)
4. Minga (William Wonda)
5. Cri de joie bantou (Adoulou Bitang)
6. Mba zen oh (Arr. Adoulou Bitang)
7. Muono embule (Arr. Alexis Bakond)
8. Musungedi (Ekambi Brillant/Arr. Kathy Novalis)
9. Zamanu tua Sie (Monthe Joseph/Djoungmo Djimeli Bruno)

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