ATELIER A7: A Musical Getaway with the Rhythms of French Speaking African Countries


Jean Benoit Bakhoum

up from 18 years


         Jean Benoit Bakhoum

Author, composer, arranger, Jean Benoit BAKHOUM has a great passion for Senegalese

choral music. With more than a thousand composed pieces, both sacred and secular

repertoire, he is one of the most prolific composers and among the best known in Senegal for

his simple harmonies.

Specialist of the serere ethnic music (west coast of Senegal), this guitarist, follower of the

double-range, he is invested for more than 20 years in the research on the harmonies and the

traditional rhythms.

Jean Benoit Bakhoum is professor of harmony and trainer in musical art education, Director of

studies and internships of the National School of Arts in Dakar. He is particularly interested in

collecting, transcribing and harmonizing Senegalese traditional songs.

23rd to 28th of august

All levels 



1. Niani ( Wolof/Sénégal)

2. Daouda sané ( Mandingue / Guinée)

3. Saaro+Tino nénam (Pulaar/Mali)

4. Nlabale ( Kabye / Togo)

5.Maalé Yélé + Zonw bé gnéré ( Dagara/ Burkina Faso)

6. Magic in the air ( Côte d'Ivoire)

7. Diola Bounouk ( Diola /Sénégal)