ATELIER A6:Sounds of Australia

Lyn Williams

12 - 20 years

23rd to 28th of august

All levels 




1. Buruwan Elegy; Luke Byrne.            

2. Nya Wali Banga; Alice Chance/ Matthew Doyle.

3. Songs and dances from Aceh; Traditional.           4. Songs  and dances from the Torres Strait Islands; Various arrangers.      

5. Buda-dji; Dan Walker                

              Lyn Williams

Lyn Williams is Australia’s leading director of choirs for young people. She founded Sydney Children’s Choir 30 years ago to create a world-class ensemble that proudly represents Sydney as the most prestigious vocal program for young singers of school age. Since then she has founded a group of National Choirs in 1997 including Gondwana Voices. These choirs of 300 young singers as well as young composers and conductors from across Australia, meet each year at the Gondwana National Choral School.