Nairobi is the capital of Kenya. Its name comes from Enkare Nyirobi meaning in maa language "the place of fresh water". It is also nicknamed "Green City under the sun." Nairobi is located in South-Central Kenya, 140 Kilometers (87 miles) south of the Equator. Surrounded by 113 km² (70 sq mi) of plains, cliffs and forest that makes up the city's Nairobi National Park, it is adjacent to the eastern edge of the Rift Valley, and to the west of the city, are The Ngong Hills. Mount Kenya is located north of Nairobi, and Mount Kilimanjaro is towards the south-east.
Nairobi is home to a protected nature reserve, Nairobi National Park, within its borders, a large reserve with endangered black rhinos, giraffes, zebras and lions. In addition, it is the capital that has the most bird species in the world. As the most populous city in East Africa, Nairobi is also often the starting point for safaris in Kenya ! 

Magical Kenya


Photo safaris and choral safari, Africa Cantat offers you the opportunity to combine the two in Kenya.Whether it is traditional music with percussion, the one that punctuates the events of life and where each ethnicity is distinguished by its particularities such as Luo and Mijikenda or contemporary music where electric guitars and jazz drums replaced the traditional instruments or Gospel-style choral music is still present in churches where some groups stand out as the Muungano National Choir, Kayamba Africa or Yunasi (from poor neighborhoods), music is ubiquitous in Africa and particularly in Kenya. This is the most popular art form.But Kenya is especially known for the wealth and the variety of wildlife that can be observed during safaris. Kenya has several national parks (Amboseli, Tsavo East and West, Mount Kenya, Lake Nakuru, Meru and Marsabit) and national reserves (Masai Mara, Sambaru and Shaba). The landscapes are breathtaking and the spectacular observation of wild animals is quite easy at sunrise or sunset by taking part in a private or group safari.In short, as you will have understood, in Kenya, the change of scenery and emotions guaranteed !